Can Closet Organization Really Help You Save Time?

by | Jan 30, 2023 | Creative Closet Design

Seventeen minutes a day is what researchers state is the average time spent in a closet each day trying to figure out what to wear. That’s 6,205 minutes a year or about 4-1/2 days! Slide Out Shelf Solutions is excited to announce a solution for this problem – Creative Closet Concepts.

Wall-to-wall custom designed storage solutions for all your spaces. With an organized closet system not only will the time spent in the closet be shortened, but your experience of getting into your closet will be so much better. Creative Closet Concepts recently transformed a uniquely shaped room (that was being used as a closet) into a fully functional dressing room in an 120 year old historic mid-town home.

“Our closet was just a disaster, embarrassing, and I couldn’t find anything.”

We’ve done a lot of house tours [Hello Historic Home!] since we’ve lived here and we’ve never let anyone in there, never. Before we started redoing it both of us had piles of disorganized clothes.” shares homeowners Andrew and Cindy.

It was important to the homeowners that their new space would still feel like it fit in with their historic home’s architecture and design. With 16 colors to chose from and a customized design we were able to help them maintain their home’s historic charm, while still providing them with a functional closet using modern materials.

“The chair that’s in there could almost never be sat on because it was too full of clothes and the whole space was difficult to get around and get in places to find what we were looking for,” shares Andrew.

The custom design – “Kaylee met with us, listened to our ideas, and what we wanted out of the space. She laid out what our options were and developed a completely original design to meet our needs. We continued to talk through the design, what else we needed, what would or wouldn’t work and what modifications we wanted to see. It was a good process to create the design we finally decided on. Lots of colors to choose from in the shelving, a lot of style options, and that was helpful.”

Then installation – “The installation team was in and out in one day, which I didn’t expect! It was fast, very professional, and everything was cleaned up after.

Using modern materials and making them feel like they fit into a 120 year old house was a challenge Creative Closet Concepts accepted with full confidence, and they did a wonderful job!”

Now it’s organized and I can go right to what I’m looking for and find it. Neither one of us are the most organized people in the world, now that the closet is in there and neat, it’s a real motivator to keep it neat and be able to find what we’re looking for. I can go right to and pick clothes that I need for the day. It’s so easy! The fact that it keeps us, as disorganized as we tend to be, it keeps us organized, which is a really big gift. It saves me a whole lot of time.

“Our dressing room has become a peaceful, calm, orderly oasis in our chaotic lives.

Our dressing room has become a peaceful, calm, orderly oasis in our chaotic lives. We have a place to get ready or end the day without overwhelming chaos. It feels good enough [to be organized] it may actually inspire us to organize some more areas of our lives”, said Andrew.

“Just do it!” adds Cindy “because it opens up the space, organizationally it’s such a gift. We’re just ecstatic about our dressing room.”

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