Creating Your Dream Closet: A Step-by-Step Transformation Journey

Welcome to the ultimate walk-in closet transformation journey! In this blog post, we’ll take you through the entire process, from an empty space to a dream closet, step by step. What you didn’t see in the video is the day of demolition of the old closet space and our team installing new luxury vinyl plank tile before we began today’s installation. We’ll finish this install by reinstalling the baseboard moulding to complete the closet!


What you didn’t get to witness until now was the meticulous preparation that went into this closet transformation. Before we even started the installation process you see today, our dedicated team embarked on demolition, bid adieu to the old closet space, and meticulously laid the foundation for the new. We took care of every detail, even installing new luxury vinyl plank tile to ensure your closet not only looks fantastic but also stands the test of time. And to put the finishing touch on this project, we’ll be reinstalling the baseboard moulding, adding that extra layer of elegance and completeness to your newly transformed closet.

But here’s the real magic of choosing Harmony Home Concepts for your home improvement needs – we’re not just closet installers; we offer a full spectrum of services to enhance your living space. Our commitment to elevating your home goes beyond custom closets. We invite you to explore our professional home repair services, where our talented craftsmen can address a wide range of home improvement needs. From minor fixes to major renovations, we’re here to make your home the best it can be. Discover the Harmony Home Concepts difference today!

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring installed by our expert craftsmen

Step 1: Laying Out the Product

It all starts with unloading and laying out each individually packaged piece of your closet in a garage. This meticulous preparation ensures that every component is ready for installation, making the process smoother and more efficient.

Step 2: Blueprint on the Walls

Next, our expert installers hang the blueprints of your design on each wall where they are going. This step is crucial in ensuring that the installation aligns perfectly with your vision. It’s the equivalent of mapping out the journey before embarking on it.

Step 3: Panel Installation

With the blueprint as their guide, our team begins the installation of custom panels. This step is where your walk-in closet starts taking shape, with each panel fitting snugly to create a sturdy foundation for your new closet. Even in extra tall walk-in spaces, we ensure a seamless installation that maximizes your closet’s potential.

Walk-In Closet Transformation

Shelving, Drawers and Double Hang

Step 4: Shelving and Accessory Integration

Functionality meets style as we move on to shelving and accessory integration. Here’s where the magic happens – lots of drawers, a hidden hamper, and other clever accessories are integrated to make your closet not just beautiful but incredibly practical. No more digging through clutter; your walk-in closet is now a model of organization.

Hamper and Drawers

Hamper and Drawers



Step 5: Personalization and Organization

The best part of this journey is the personalization and organization phase. Witness how easy it is to customize this walk-in closet to match your unique needs and personal style. Bid farewell to the chaos of a disorganized closet as we bring order and harmony to your living space.

Shelving and Drawers

Shelving and Drawers

Upper Hang

Upper Hang Unit

Walk-In Closet Transformation

Join us as we demystify the closet installation process and empower you to create the closet of your dreams. This comprehensive guide to a home improvement project that’s both satisfying and practical will leave you inspired to transform your own space. Your dream closet is just a few steps away from becoming a reality.

Ready to Transform Your Closet?

Embark on your own closet transformation journey today! Whether you’re dreaming of a luxurious walk-in closet or seeking to maximize the functionality of a smaller space, our step-by-step guide has you covered. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a closet that’s tailored to your unique needs and style. Don’t wait – start creating your dream closet now.

Contact us today at 316-712-6060to get started on your personalized closet transformation project and take the first step towards a more organized and stylish living space. Your dream closet awaits!


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