Custom Storage Solutions Help Our Clients Get Organized to Keep them off Their Hands and Knees

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Custom Storage Solutions

Below is a real testimonial from our client’s Brad and Annette who had custom slide out shelves installed in their home July of 2021 and the transformation they experienced.

“My wife went through breast cancer and I knew that slide out shelves would help to make her life easier so I called Slide Out Shelf Solutions.

As a business owner I could tell right away that Phil Davis, the owner of Slide Out Shelf Solutions, knew what he was talking about when I spoke to him on the phone for the first time. Phil was very knowledgeable and I felt that I could trust him to do a great job so I decided to have him visit our home to give us a bid.

Phil showed up on time and was completely professional and very creative. He listened intently to what we wanted to achieve in order to make life easier for my wife and he suggested creative solutions that would accomplish that. Phil suggested having all of our lower kitchen drawers converted to slide out shelves so that my wife would not have to get down on her hands and knees to reach for things that she could not and since they were stacked on top of each other in our cabinets and many items are very heavy.

We were both surprised at the weight that the slide out shelves could support (they can hold up to 100 pounds!), and how these slide out shelves would help us organize all of the many pots, pans, and cooking items we use, which would then make life tremendously easier for my wife to not only find what she needs but to be able to effortlessly get to them.

In the past, I loved to entertain our family and friends but after overcoming cancer it became too much for me at 58″, says Annette. “It was sad because we had this new home that we built and I wanted to entertain and prepare meals but due to the inaccessibility of things and the physical pain that it would cause, I realized that I could not do that any longer.

One call to Phil at Slide Out Shelf Solutions changed all of that for the better and now I can entertain family and friends and enjoy the process and it is truly a life-changing product that Phil and the great people who work for him provide for families. They truly provide a real solution that enables people to enjoy their lives without pain and I just love it.

In addition to having all of our lower cabinets and a corner niche converted to slide out shelves, I also absolutely love my new spice rack that is built for me on the left of my oven.

I am a lefty and everything in the world is built for right-handed people, but Phil solved that problem also. So, it is truly a customized solution purposely built just for me. I am a business analyst by trade and am highly organized and now my kitchen cabinets are highly organized as well thanks to Slide Out Shelf Solutions.

Additionally, I now no longer have to go to the chiropractor when I cook, it sounds silly but it is true. These slide out shelves have changed my life due to their ease of use. They do not take a toll on my body because it is a painless process to prepare meals, whether for my husband and myself or for many people on special occasions and celebrations, which I love doing. It literally takes me only 2 seconds to find something that I need and my life has been greatly improved. Another aspect that surprised us was how organized Phil and his crew were and how careful they were to organize their process outside in the garage so that they were as efficient and as clean as possible. They took great care to protect our wood floors, and our appliances and there was not even a spec of dust after they were finished. Everyone involved from Slide Out Shelf Solutions are amazing people who really care from the office staff to the installers, to Phil himself, they are AMAZING!

You owe it to yourself to live more comfortably and enjoy a better quality of life and Phil and the wonderful people at Slide Out Shelf Solutions can help you to do that.”

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